Carole Chetrit

Founder, CEO & Head Baker

Due to Covid-19 I have had time to pursue my passion for developing recipes and baking cookies. Prior to March of 2020 I enjoyed my career as an Aquatic Fitness Specialist at Stanford University and other facilities in the Bay Area. I am ecstatic that my twins, Michelle & Stéphane, have joined me in our new business venture bringing smiles to others through our magical cookies.

Michelle Chetrit

Founder, Artistic/Creative Director & Social Media Manager

I grew up around homemade cookies. They never failed to make me smile. Between school, sports, and art classes, I loved to bake and share my baked goods with my friends. Baking is another artistic avenue for me to bring my imagination to life in different textures and colors while creating new flavors to spread the magic that cookies bring to so many others. "She paints and she knows things" -Anonymous

Stéphane Chetrit

Founder, Operations Manager, Technology Consultant & Assistant Baker

I have always been interested in technology so it was easy for me to help my mother and sister in developing a website for our bakery The Magic Crumb. My fascination with technology is its ability to improve daily life with organization and productivity. I'm glad I could use my skills to create a platform where we can share our delicious and magical cookies that I grew up with.