The Magic Crumb bakery specializes in handcrafted cookies baked in small batches using the best in premium, seasonal ingredients. What sets our cookies apart is the inclusion of our Magic Crumbs that take each variety of cookie to the next level. We invite you to start your morning, or complete your evening with the Magic Crumbs of your choice. These provide a surprise to one's tastebuds that amaze and delight.

The result: a magical cookie eating experience!
The Magic Crumb's goal is for you to experience the joy and happiness of each cookie created by our passion and unique energy.
Carole’s passion for baking led her to creating unique cookie recipes that she shared with friends and family members to rave reviews. And the Magic Crumb Bakery was born. Joined by her artist daughter Michelle and passionate son Stéphane, their collaboration has spawned truly unique baked goods…with delicious surprises (Magic Crumbs) in every bite.